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How to participate

Conduct background research
Explore current uses and/or marketing strategies for soybeans using resources such as the internet.

Develop an idea and register in the contest
Come up with an innovative new use or marketing strategy for soybeans and register in the contest. A minimum of one student and one faculty member is required per team. Ideas must be original and not already available to the public. The idea must be the work of your team but may include the input of your faculty mentor(s).

Determine if your idea will work
Research and plan out your idea. Develop and test a product prototype or a market survey. Talk to people in the industry. Be innovative and have fun.

Write a final project report
Your final report must include a one-page abstract, background information, the technical basis for your idea, evidence of feasibility, substantiating data and an economic assessment of its commercial potential. There is no word limit. Supporting materials, such as a product prototype, should be reserved for your display. Please submit seven copies of you abstract and report.

Assemble a project display for judging
Displays will be judged in a science-fair format. It is suggested that you develop a self-standing three-sided display board, but other visual material – posters, charts, product prototypes and video clips for example – will also aid your verbal presentation.


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