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Project SOY 2011/2012 Winners

Diploma Category

First place ribbonAlicia Desaulniers and Melanie TessierCampus d'Alfred

Ricosoy is a quick, well balanced meal made from soy raviloi and soy-infused ricotta cheese.

Second place ribbonEmilie TessierCampus d'Alfred

Sweetsoy is a soy based fudge.

Undergraduate/Graduate Category

First place ribbonRichard Chen, Xiaobo Zhou, Praphulla PraphullaGuelph Campus

ASoy Plastics is a biodegradable mulch film, which helps with moiture rentention and improved plant performance.

Second place reibbonClaire Zhang and Jenifer LuGuelph Campus

Soytastic is a soy based okara bread.


Third place ribbonVidhya NagarajanGuelph Campus

Soy-Lite Ceilings are environmentally friendly ceiling tiles.


Third place ribbonJohn Antonio, David Davidovich, Mandy Ferg, and Reid BerflezGuelph Campus

S'morbs contian soy infused marshmellows, graham crackers, and chocolate in an orb shape.

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