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Project SOY 2010/2011 Winners

Diploma Category

First place ribbonSamuel Nyandwi and Gaétan BourbonnaisCampus d'Alfred

Soys are high protein wafers containing a flavoured soy filling which is gluten and sugar free.

Second place ribbonLugi Stephano BikorotiRidgetown Campus

Soy Bread is a gluten free healthy and delicious bread.

Third place ribbonRiad RihaneCampus d'Alfred

Soysage is a soy based sausage rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Undergraduate/Graduate Category

First place ribbonDref De MouraGuelph Campus

ProteinX is a cholesterol lowering functional food, derived using computer aided design techniques, and targeted to consumers with chronic conditions like coronary heart disease.

Second place reibbonVidhya NagarajanGuelph Campus

Gmax Paperworks is earth friendly specialty stationary, including greeting cards and post it notes.

Third place ribbonAndrew NaylorGuelph Campus

Azlear is a marketing strategy developed for soy fabric.

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