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Project SOY 2007/2008 Winners

Diploma Category

First place ribbonRoy BelluzKemptville Campus

The Fortune of Soy offers a soy based vegan fortune cookie. Made primarily with soy flour, soy oil, wheat flour and sugar, this healthy alternative can be enjoyed by both soy lovers and vegans.

Second place ribbonSandra CharleboisCampus d'Alfred

La Soyazza is the creation of nutrition and food safety student Sandra Charlebois, her pizza dough uses soy flour as its main ingredient, making it suitable for those who are gluten-intolerant, without compromising taste or nutrition.

Third place ribbonSam Gerrie, Nick CressmanRidgetown Campus

Shredded soybean stalks create Soywood! This soy-based chipwood product offers a more environmentally friendly, sustainable product while still being good quality and promoting the use of value added crops.

Undergraduate/Graduate Category

First place ribbonLynsey Walker, Lauren Hill, Kelsie Leaman, Amar KurugantiGuelph Campus

SoCoa Beans, a soy protein based candy targeted to adults at risk for cardiovascular disease. Similar to smarties, these candies are comprised of a chocolate centre including cocoa, polyphenols, fibre, magnesium and soy protein. These candies make a good treat while being healthy at the same time.

Second place ribbonMalin Borg, Cristina Cuda, Frida Gustavsson, Trang BuiGuelph Campus

Pastoya! Gluten free and low calorie pasta to target consumers with celiac disease and consumers who choose to make healthy food choices. This soy-potato based pasta offers a low carbohydrate count while still allowing you to enjoy your favourite pasta dishes.

Third place ribbonDavid Harris, Sayward FetterlyGuelph Campus

Providing a toy and candy in one, Edible Art is a soy based crayon, that can be eaten as well. This candy will target children aged four to eight allowing them to have fun while being able to have a snack as well.

Third place ribbonLeo Tam, Alvina Foo, Jia He, Flora LeungGuelph Campus

O-Me-Soy Breakfast Patties provide a healthy alternative to the breakfast sausage. The Soy breakfast patties consisting of soybeans and fish offer the consumer a source of protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids proven to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease to target consumers looking to make healthy food choices.

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