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Project SOY 2006/2007 Winners

Diploma Category

First place ribbonSophie Ménard, Sandra Charlebois

SoyCone connects soy-based ice cream and ice cream cones for consumers with lactose and gluten intolerances and allergies. Developed by two Alfred campus students, SoyCone is a tasty snack with the added benefits of soy proteins.

First place ribbonRyan McLean, Melissa Sohm

Nutri-Cycle Growing Systems is a fibre pot and soil-less media in one that can be used in the horticulture industry for transplants. Using soy straw and soybean cleanings with rendered material, Nutri-Cycle – developed by students from the Ridgetown campus – provides an alternative to non-renewable resources and is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Third place ribbonJérôme Brassard-Duperré, Philippe Mondou

This project created a soy substrate mixture high in nitrogen nutrients for the horticulture industry. SoyStrate – the creation of two Alfred campus students – combines soy straw and oil cakes to replace expensive peat moss and results in a biodegradable renewable soil mixture.

Undergraduate/Graduate Category

First place ribbonKara Gauthier, Robert Godin, Christina Marsigliese, Andrew Roberts, Kevin Van Groningen

Table Truffles, a soy and potato-based alternative to a European delicacy. While maintaining the desired taste and consistency of original truffles, these truffles would be available at a fraction of the cost, and provide a luxurious food ingredient to everyday meals.

Second place ribbonDenise Chiu, Kelly Flett, Christina Cooper, Michelle Wong

Go-viva! snack bars, with soy and potato-based shells and nutritious fillings – like cranberry and pear or carrot and potato – offer consumers a healthy alternative to the conventional breakfast or snack bar. Packed full of fibre and soy protein, these snacks would be easy to incorporate into daily diets.

Third place ribbonMaria Alejandra Vazquez, Matt Whitman, Julian Sham Ku, Clarence Kwong

Providing high fibre, energy and protein, R’ok’a Ecatl tortillas are an excellent way to add flavour to meals. Inspired by traditional Mexican foods, this tortilla blends soy and potato ingredients for a nutritious quality product.

Third place ribbonJessica Speziale, Sayward Fetterly

Soy Fashions used soy stalk to create high quality, fashionable accessories. Shoes and bags were created using fabric woven from processed soy stalk material.

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