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Project SOY 2005/2006 Winners

Diploma level entries

First place ribbonProbiSoy

ProbiSoy This soy-based health drink developed by Campus d'Alfred student Leontily Cordeiro is ideal for individuals looking to increase their soy intake who may have lactose intolerance or allergies to milk products. It is made organically and helps promote proper digestion and nutrition levels in the body for a balanced healthy body.

Second place ribbonSoy Smooth Bath Powder

Kathlene Hennings, of Ridgetown Campus, created this soy-based natural bath powder for those who like to take their baths to the next level, and for those who have allergies to milk powder bath products. It is a non-irritating product in scents of eucalyptus and lavender for soothing the mind and body of every day stress.

Undergraduate/Graduate Category

First place ribbonJAYS Pancakes - "Sunshine Solutions Pancakes,"

JAYS PancakesJAYS Pancakes - "Sunshine Solutions Pancakes," developed by Jessica Warnock, Yvonne Yung, Sarah Ong and Anangelina Archile, are microwavable pancakes combining nutrition, taste and convenience in one package. The pancakes are made with soy milk instead of cow's milk, and a blend of different flours (soy, whole wheat, and potato), which boosts the nutritional content of the pancakes. The goal is to create wholesome healthy foods for busy families.

Second place ribbonGreen Bean Café

Green Bean Café - Jennifer Prine, Lee Weiss and Andrea Kocmarek developed a unique line of soy coffee blends and flavoured soy mixes with the goal of enjoying the goodness of soy by providing healthy alternative beverages that don't taste like they are alternative. Flavours available are chocolate raspberry, amaretto and Irish cream and the drinks are high in natural protein and soy isoflavons.

Third place ribbonDelgaño

Delgaño - The healthy lifestyle overhaul is not an easy one, but these soy tortilla chips, developed by Jessica Speziale, Vivian Law and Sayward Fetterly are trying to make the transition easier. This healthy, delicious alternative to one of North America's favourite snacks is low in sodium, low in fat and has 30% fewer calories than other tortilla chips.

Third place ribbonProtSupreme Soy Wrap

ProtSupreme Soy Wrap - Mario Uriarte, Juan Ramirez, Sylvia Gutierrez and Argentina Alanis, exchange students from Mexico, developed this soy-infused wrap and filling mixture. This wrap uses three different soy products in one finished product, packing this product full of isoflavones, omega-3 fatty acids and protein.

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