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Project SOY 2004/2005 Winners

Diploma level entries

First place ribbon"BOUGGIE"

"BOUGGIE" by Sylvie Dandurand. Designed for people on the move, "BOUGGIE" is a dry soup base with a good source of protein, iron, and phosphates. "BOUGGIE" is made without GMO's, and is certified organic. Soybeans were mixed with other vegetables to create the base, making development a low cost production. "BOUGGIE" is a simple, healthy way to add a nutritional boost to soups and sauces.

Second place ribbonSweetened Condensed Soy

Sweetened Condensed Soy by Leslie Edwardson. Lactose intolerance has met its match with a soy-based condensed milk that could be used as an alternative to regular dairy based sweetened condensed milk. The product can be used to make dairy free desserts for vegetarians, people with milk allergies, and those that are lactose intolerant. Soy adds a nutritional punch to the condensed product as well, giving another bonus to this alternative product.

Undergraduate/Graduate Category

First place ribbonDecadence Doughnuts

Decadence Doughnuts by Sayward Fetterly, Jessica Speziale, and Sandra Kolaczek. In the wake of fad diets like Atkins and South Beach, a niche was created to develop a more health-conscious doughnut that would appeal to adults without the guilt of eating an unhealthy snack. Soy flour and soy milk were used as alternatives in the ingredients, and soy based oil was used for the cooking of the doughnuts. The doughnuts were developed in four flavours: a traditional coffee-dunking type, apple fritter, baked, and spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. A vanilla yogurt glaze was added in later trials. The response to initial product testing was excellent.

Second place ribbonChocsoylate

Chocsoylate by Helle Thomsen, Qian Guo and Lei Ma. Designed as a functional food, Chocsoylate combines soy protein and chocolate to create an easy and convenient way to incorporate more soy protein in the diet while also enjoying the health benefits of both soy and chocolate. Each serving provides 7g of high quality soy protein, 'good for you' antioxidants and has the delicious taste and texture of traditional chocolate with no soy taste.

Third place ribbonChocoKlodders

ChocoKlodders by Jonathan Aleong and Dawn Robinson. The primary objective of this project was to create a chocolate snack product that tastes delicious and is nutritionally balanced. With growing concern for health and the influence of nutrition on consumers' food choices, ChocoKlodders is a healthier alternative for chocolate indulgence. The soy content comes from the graham wafers, which are made with soy flour, soya oil, and dehydrated tofu chunks. ChocoKlodders contains soy protein, isoflavones, phytosterols and flavanols, all of which have been proven to support optimal human health.

Third place ribbonSoy Smart Enriched Soy Protein Bread

Soy Smart Enriched Soy Protein Bread by Adrienne Legris and Julie Charman. The Soy Smart goal is to produce a multigrain bread that can be effectively manufactured on the industrial scale, while meeting the needs of consumers in promoting healthy living. The bread developed incorporated many nutrient content claims, including low in fat, high protein, high source of fiber, and a source of 10 essential nutrients.

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